My Everyday Work Carry

Jean-Philippe Bousquet
Gatineau, Quebec
My everyday work carry as a federal employee in Canada.

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U Paul ·
nice selection

Tom Long ·
I assume the BB is for work and your personal phone is the OnePlus One?
Jean-Philippe Bousquet ·
Caleb Keith ·
How does the Moto 360 work out with the blackberry? Limited functionality I would suppose?
Jean-Philippe Bousquet ·
The Moto 360 only works with Android phones. Therefore, I use it with my Oneplus One. It's great!
Thomas Rick ·
So I've heard so many horror stories about the Gerber Artifact that I have to ask, are they true? Because I've heard it's one of the worst pieces of gear ever made, so I want to hear the side of someone who carries it.
Jean-Philippe Bousquet ·
I have not head of any horror stories about the Gerber Artifact. Please share some. The only negative thing (and it might be the horror stories you are referring) is that sometimes the blade might slightly open and it would prick my finger. It only happen twice in about a year.

I love it, it's very useful.
Thomas Rick ·
Well, I've heard a lot of things about it opening in pockets and doing some nasty damage. Also, a lot of people say it's just really poorly made in terms of tool placement and design. I'm not putting down your tool choice, especially since I haven't owned one, just reporting what I've read and heard.