My Everyday Carry

Will DaRosa
Filmmaker (age 26)
Los Angeles, California
A lot of this revolves around my car and my phone. The two tools that are integral to my day. I have my keys separated, so that nothing makes any sound while I drive. This is a car guy thing, because if there is a rattle or knock anywhere you want to be able to locate it asap. The coiled right angle micro usb cable is super important because my cigarette lighter is right by my stick shift. I can't have a wild cable getting in the way of shifts. Orient is making the best bang for the buck watches with in-house movements.

This was taken with my LG G4 (not pictured) with a Otterbox Commuter.

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J.S. Leonard ·
Love KENT combs. They are truly worth the extra bucks. Can't go wrong with the Bond Nato either. Nice carry.
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