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TiScribe EDC Pen

Ed Jelley
TiScribe EDC Pen

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Not all pens are equipped for EDC use. One2TenCNC paid close attention to detail when making the TiScribe, resulting in a truly pocket-friendly pen with all the right features for EDC. Its seamless, compact design is short enough for effortless carry, but still comfortable to use. It’s machined from materials like high-polish titanium, copper, and brass for a durable construction that looks better after continued hard use. Unlike other pens with flimsy steel pocket clips that bend or snap, the TiScribe secures to your pocket using a grade 5 titanium clip held firmly in place by a set screw. You can choose a smoother writing experience in their fountain pen unit, or opt for the utility of a write-anywhere Fisher Space pen refill version for your carry at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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TrashMan ·
The larger version can fit Parker-style refills. Should be able to get any color that is done by the manufacturers.
David Harris ·
I wonder what different color inks are available ?
Christian McGuinness ·
It does note that you can either use a fountain attachment (any stand alone ink you can find). As well as Fisher write anywhere inks which come in blue and black that I have seen. Hope that helps. =)