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   Gorgon Loop KeyClip

Consolidate your keys, cards and cash in one compact package with KeyClip. Its long money clip securely holds up to five cards and a bit of cash — or less plastic and more green — and includes a thin copper RFID shield with fiberglass or carbon fiber laminate that can optionally be stacked on top of your outermost card to prevent RFID skimming. The other side of the KeyClip features room for three or six standard keys as well as a USB flash drive and a multitool…

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Al K ·
Keys, cards and cash in one wallet? All you need is a "Come on in!" sign on your home door and you're set. Not trying to be facetious, just think it's a bad idea. Other than that, it looks pretty cool.
Jay Popi ·
Christopher Moore ·
I'm going to have to agree with Al K on this one
David Harris ·
A little pricey at $90+ for a money clip. I stick with my billfold thank you.