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This is a real nice setup. How do you carry the pouch? In your pocket or in a pack?
........... in a bag ;)
Where did you get that Noname micro screwdriver combo? I can't find it online.

Really like the kit. Well done.
Any info on the micro screwdriver combo?
Why is there a little zip tie around the lighter?
I'm assuming to prevent accidental ignition. Although it's a wheel lighter, not electric, he's not in America where we need safety switches on everything.
I assume it is to prevent accidential release of gas, e.g. if the lever got pressed by something else in th pocket by accident, so the lighter isn't empty if needed.
I like the little pouch. Very good use of it and nice carry.
Nice and clean. Love the OPO. Got a huge soft spot for Omega. Rocking a OSP 2342.20.00 now.
Well done. I use the Maxpedition Micro, but may move up to the Mini after looking at this.
Like it. Aso gave me a good perspective of maxpedition pouch size
What is the bag thing that you have everything in?
Maxpedition Mini Pouch - Number 4. Looks pretty slick. But do people just carry them like folios or in their backpacks?
I use a Maxpedition Micro and carry location usually depends on what I'm wearing. I'll put it in a pocket if I'm wearing cargo pants/shorts or in my EDC bag if I don't have large pockets available. The concept for me is to wear it on body, because you're less likely to be without it that way.
Great set up. Super clean looking.
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