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Natty ·
This is a real nice setup. How do you carry the pouch? In your pocket or in a pack?
Wojtek B ·
........... in a bag ;)
NotoriousAPP ·
Where did you get that Noname micro screwdriver combo? I can't find it online.

Really like the kit. Well done.
Paul Forbes ·
Any info on the micro screwdriver combo?
David Aston ·
Why is there a little zip tie around the lighter?
I'm assuming to prevent accidental ignition. Although it's a wheel lighter, not electric, he's not in America where we need safety switches on everything.
Tom Taylor ·
I assume it is to prevent accidential release of gas, e.g. if the lever got pressed by something else in th pocket by accident, so the lighter isn't empty if needed.
Dionne Swart ·
I like the little pouch. Very good use of it and nice carry.
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice and clean. Love the OPO. Got a huge soft spot for Omega. Rocking a OSP 2342.20.00 now.
Saurabh S Singh ·
Well organized
Well done. I use the Maxpedition Micro, but may move up to the Mini after looking at this.
Matat Andrews ·
Like it. Aso gave me a good perspective of maxpedition pouch size
Connor MacDonald ·
What is the bag thing that you have everything in?
Scott R. ·
Maxpedition Mini Pouch - Number 4. Looks pretty slick. But do people just carry them like folios or in their backpacks?
I use a Maxpedition Micro and carry location usually depends on what I'm wearing. I'll put it in a pocket if I'm wearing cargo pants/shorts or in my EDC bag if I don't have large pockets available. The concept for me is to wear it on body, because you're less likely to be without it that way.
Christian McGuinness ·
Great set up. Super clean looking.
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