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Pensby, Wirral, UK
Having submitted my EDC back in March this year (2015), a couple of things happened that made me streamline what I take with me out of the door every day.
Firstly, my faithful old Jimi wallet decided to finally give in to fatigue, so I turned to everydaycarry.com for inspiration. I settled on the Machine Era wallet (milled from a single piece of aluminium) and I must say, it's excellent. Just enough room for my drivers license, bank cards, cash and business cards (strapped to the rear side).
I wasn't totally happy with the way I was carrying my keys, and found a UK supplier of the superb KeySmart Extended. Not only did I pack my keys on there, but I also included 2 64Gb key drives which contain my important documents (insurance policies for car and home etc.) as well as files that aid me in my job. I topped my keyring off with a new Remove Before Flight tag, as the old one looked a bit grubby!
The pen and phone remain the same.
As it's currently the summer(ish), I've decided not to take my Thrunite torch with me everywhere as it's not really needed as much. I'll no doubt start to pack it in the coming months though. Funny how your EDC continues to change through the year!

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Ahhh the Sharbo X ST3. Probably my first love in the pen world.
It's just a pen that keeps on giving! What are your current pen crushes?