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Montreal, Canada
I have been into finding my ultimate EDC for preparedness. As life has thrown a few curve balls, including an Asia tsunami & Grizzly bear encounters, I appreciate the need for survival tools & skills. I need a light set-up, I evolved it to this system which results of living in Canada, you get reactions EDCing a knife at the office. Eventually I downgraded to the SAK compact which no one minds.. (+ it has a pen) Sometimes I'll drop & keep hidden the CF caly3.5 deep in my pocket. The one that took most time is my talisman OPT. It is the result of crazy hours of design & a series of prototypes. This is the one I wear, it has 18+ features including 4 & 5 mm hex, wrenches, bottle & can opener, rope cutter, file, trits & a fire steel. The pill fob has typical medicines, water purification pills, & ear plugs. A 100$ Is hidden in the phone case. USB drive has my portfolio & lots of other cool stuff stored & encrypted. Looking to add rope in the system & evolve the key chain. A ti hang has been ordered. Pleasantly everything fits on me in a non intrusive way without a bag. With skinny jeans?, Yep!

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Oh yeah, the pendant! Looks like a Burning Man multitool. Give us all a shoutout when you kickstart this puppy!
Great gear and well thought out.
Nice. I am especially drawn to the custom multi-tool pendant. Is there someone who sells them?
I made it my self. CAD & then metal worker. Though of doing a kick-starter once. Too busy at work recently.
Ah cool. Nice work!
Hey man I'd be in for the kickstarter! Just a vote of confidence for ya :)