UK Urban EDC

My first attempt at an EDC system which has been built up over a few years.
This is my carry for when I'm not at work. It all fits unobtrusively in one of my pairs of much loved 501's with the obvious exceptions . My amazing Spiderco sits easily with my change in the pocket watch pocket.
I considered a Field Notes notepad but in all honesty I find Evernote for my iPhone to be more convenient for me. The same goes for my not carrying a light; it's a purely Urban EDC so I'm never far from a charge for my phone. Lets be honest, phones are like their own version of a multi tool these days anyway.
My car keyfob is easily detachable for when I'm not using it thanks to the clip from a True Utility KeyRing System.
Finally, I know the Wallet Ninja multi-tool is a novelty item and will not withstand any serious usage but I have actually found it quite useful on a number of occasions. It also allows me to carry my minimalist Spiderco rather than a much bigger heavier multi-tool.
I plan on posting a work EDC at a later date as its VERY different. Enjoy. Feedback welcome!

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