Koch Tools Co. Solo 2.0 in Copper and Brass

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Koch Tools Co. Solo 2.0 in Copper and Brass

In case you missed the last release of these American-made keychain tools, you’re in luck. They’re back, and this time they come in solid copper and solid brass. Unlike steel commonly used in multitools, copper and brass are softer metals, so they develop their own distinct patinas and look even better with wear over time. These tools keep the same focused functionality in a dependably solid 1/4” frame, bringing a bottle opener, two hex wrenches, a “dangler slot,” and “S” hook to your EDC. You can enjoy the benefits of having an always-ready tool and hook for carrying keychain essentials, now in materials with a bit more substance and heft. Head over to the links below to get yours before they’re gone.

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It's an interesting concept, but $75 is a bit steep.
Holy frack, it costs $80.
I'll have to agree. $80 bucks is a bit steep for $10 worth of material. Being hip is getting more expensive every day.