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Mininch Tool Pen Kit

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Mininch Tool Pen Kit

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Carrying a whole bunch of screwdrivers isn’t exactly EDC-friendly, as even the best bit drivers can be too bulky. This multi-tool from Mininch houses 6 bits in a lightweight aluminum frame (under 4 ounces when loaded with bits!). It's easy to load, easy to use, and most importantly — easy to carry. Need to tighten up a screw? Simply pull the bit out of the front and load it into the back until the right bit for the job cycles forward. The side viewing windows let you know exactly where each bit is with a quick glance. Available in metric or imperial measurements, each kit includes 10 bits to help you get the job done. Hit up the link below to see a video of the Mininch in action and add one of these versatile tools to your collection.


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Bill Allemon ·
$55 bucks?!? I bought one from Stanley on Amazon for $4. Heh.
Karol Kaminski ·
Same here
Joshua Earl ·
I'd pay $15 for one with a #2 phillips
Erik ·
Thats way to much
Dustin ·
Ha! 75 dollars for this? I think Im going to keep my Leatherman. They're proud of this item but I don't want it THAT bad.