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Kershaw Link

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Few knives manage to pack in features while still maintaining a reasonable price tag. Kershaw aims to change that with the Link, what they believe to be the perfect “link” between quality and price. Usually a lower price tag means a smaller blade, but that’s not the case with the no-compromise 3.25” edge on the Link. Quickly open the knife with help from Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assist mechanism and flipper lever. The blade is securely held in place by a liner lock, and easily closed with one hand. Wrap it up with a stonewashed blade for increased scratch resistance, and textured glass-filled nylon scales to ensure a firm grip. If you’ve been looking for a budget folder with an impressive spec sheet, consider this knife for your new EDC.


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Nathaniel P ·
Just looked at this knife on Amazon, and surprisingly it is made in the USA. Very nice price, especially considering place of origin!
Sam Golson ·
Just picked this up when i was in Walmart the other day they had it priced wrong so I got it for $20. It's every bit as solid as my Blur or Shallot
Patrick LaFollette ·
I like Kershaws, I really do. But so, so many of them have the assisted open, and I just don't want it. Do they not realize that there are some people who don't want that? Who'd rather have the knife be simpler and less likely to fail, and honestly would rather use their own hand or hands to open it? This makes me sad.
Trevor Drahem ·
I absolutely love Kershaw knives. I've been carrying my Blur for some time now and the best knife I've owned. Kershaw makes great knives at pretty good price.
Sam Riggins ·
I have a bunch of ZT, Spyderco, and Benchmade knives. I bought this knife to take on vacation in case I lost it or had to ditch it at a security entrance to a park/building. To my surprise, it has stayed in my pocket well past vacation. Blade shape is awesome! While it doesn't hold and edge as well as some 'premium' steels, it's really easy to resharpen/touch up. I did take the assist spring out and still opens very easily.