My Egypt Everyday Carry

Military (age 24)
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Currently Deployed this is My EDC missing a little bit of my items but never the less this is basic stuff I use everyday.

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Thanks for your service, and be safe.
How do you like the knife? Is it any good? How does the AUS8 steel hold up?
Thank you very much for keeping us safe, more importantly please stay safe yourself, we would love you back home safely.

Being a Gear Nerd, your gear definitely gets my #AstroVogue Approval. I tottaly love the Gerber & CRKT. I have the Gerber 400 Sport all black and the CRKT in steel tanto. :)

Love x - AstroVogue
Nice loadout.. are you Egyptian military or U.S.?
Thanks for your service! If you are ever at Fort Campbell, look me up. Nice set up BTW. You can never go wrong with Oakley's.
Thank you for doing what you do!
Always remember to carry your PT Belt. Someone listened to their Safety Brief.
Awesome carry!