My Egypt Everyday Carry

Thomas P. Bores
Military (age 24)
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Currently Deployed this is My EDC missing a little bit of my items but never the less this is basic stuff I use everyday.

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Thanks for your service, and be safe.
Belgianknifeguy ·
How do you like the knife? Is it any good? How does the AUS8 steel hold up?
AstroVogue ·
Thank you very much for keeping us safe, more importantly please stay safe yourself, we would love you back home safely.

Being a Gear Nerd, your gear definitely gets my #AstroVogue Approval. I tottaly love the Gerber & CRKT. I have the Gerber 400 Sport all black and the CRKT in steel tanto. :)

Love x - AstroVogue
Michael Mutant ·
Nice loadout.. are you Egyptian military or U.S.?
Gerald Woller ·
Thanks for your service! If you are ever at Fort Campbell, look me up. Nice set up BTW. You can never go wrong with Oakley's.
JC Brown ·
Thank you for doing what you do!
Old Chappy ·
Always remember to carry your PT Belt. Someone listened to their Safety Brief.
Awesome carry!