Grovemade Keyring


Grovemade’s Keyring diverges from the brand’s usual range of wood-built tech accessories, but it’s no less gorgeous. The compact stainless steel keychain can firmly secure your keys to a belt loop and, more importantly, sports a built-in bottle opener for cracking open an import in seconds…

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are those cables black?
I like this A LOT. Anyone else ordering one or thinking about ordering one beware that although Gearhungry claims that the "braided cable" is included, it actually is not.

You can pick up one of them for a euro/(insert local currency here) or so on ebay though
It looks like a small knuck, so could it be used as one?
It does look like a it'd have enough heft to make it pleasing to carry.
I think it has plenty of potential. I'm curious to see if a small gate clip can sub in for the mechanic's ring as I'm not really a fan of those. It's tricky when designing a keychain to get it so the keys, split ring, and keychain itself aren't clashing with each other perpendicularly too much. It makes things not as streamlined as they could be..