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Grovemade’s Keyring diverges from the brand’s usual range of wood-built tech accessories, but it’s no less gorgeous. The compact stainless steel keychain can firmly secure your keys to a belt loop and, more importantly, sports a built-in bottle opener for cracking open an import in seconds…

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are those cables black?
Chris Borders ·
It looks like a small knuck, so could it be used as one?
Erector Desk ·
It does look like a it'd have enough heft to make it pleasing to carry.
Bernard Capulong ·
I think it has plenty of potential. I'm curious to see if a small gate clip can sub in for the mechanic's ring as I'm not really a fan of those. It's tricky when designing a keychain to get it so the keys, split ring, and keychain itself aren't clashing with each other perpendicularly too much. It makes things not as streamlined as they could be..
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