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Hans van Lingen
Milton, Massachusetts
This is typically what you will find in my pockets. I manage environmental compliance at an energy company and there are a few projects nearby my office. I need to be able to pull apart various types of equipment on short notice. I generally keep a full toolkit in my car, but these keep the basics covered.

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Stanislav Teroff ·
Like the pan. Have had it for 8 years almost. This pen is also a part of my EDC
Hans van Lingen ·
They work pretty well together. The ink resists smudging and doesn't send to fade over time. Hoping I can find a replacement ink cartridge in black.
I've been carrying Rite in the Rain notebooks for over 10 years now and have put many of them through the ringer. (Out at sea, in wetlands, construction sites, rivers, and more) Your notebooks hold up far better than any other option.
Rite in the Rain ·
Nice! Thanks for carrying our books. How does our paper work with that Nite Ize pen?