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Hugo Estorninho
Macao, China
This is what I bring to work.

Komelon measure tape -
Has been a long favourite in our office, due to price/quality ratio.

Two pens for interior design used in the office, all of my co-workers use them and by far best for interior design:

Sakura IDenti-Pen -
Very versatile. Mainly used for writing on folders, CDs, materials (wood, plastic, metal)

Uni Pin Fine Line Pen 0.3 -
Used for drawing, sketches and mainly correcting or improving printed plans and elevations drawn in AutoCad (everything must be computerized in the end).

We bulk buy both of these pens in Black/Blue/Red.
Good travel pens too.

Victorinox Manager -
One of my favourite mini Swiss army knives, includes, key ring, ballpoint pen (very useful), small blade (for light tasks such as opening letters, boxes etc.), scissors (need to clean them from time to time), tweezers or toothpick, cap lifter with magnet Phillips screwdriver and wire stripper.

Cold Steel Tuff Lite -
Bought it a month ago, Cold steel has been bringing their game up since they started making folding knives and not just focusing on big axes and katanas.
Handle : length - 3 1/2 inches Grivory handle. Unusually thick handle, but not disturbing at all.
Grip: Griv-Ex with curves and cuts in all the right places. Coating or no coating, lighter and structurally stronger than a G-10 but I feel like its less grippy?
Blade : length 2 1/2 shorter than my other folding knives, but a good length for edc, I don't need a lengthy blade. A shorter blade makes it easier to use for light tasks, long blades are not as easy to control for my everyday tasks. Shape :
Steel : Japanese AUS 8A Stainless. All my knives are AUS8, easy to maintain, sharpen, mainly because of the price too.
The pocket/belt clip is Ambidextrous, its nice and snug when clipped into the pocket and easy to take out when needed but to put back into my jeans takes a bit of effort, the dent of the pocket clip is perfect but I think the width between the tip of the clip itself and the handle should be 1mm/2mm wider, like the 5.11 Scout Folder pocket clip.The jimping is effective and well positioned. The choils are great. The clip is positioned correctly. The divot in the middle is nice.

Lastly my wallet is a normal leather wallet, nothing to say about it, I like leather because it expands and shapes into what I put in there making it more personal and easy to use.

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adrean ·
What's the container on your key ring
Hugo Estorninho ·
It's not a container, its a mini flashlight called Spark Spotlight, check it out.
Hayden Nininger ·
so you like the tuff? How's the quality considering the small price tag?
Hugo Estorninho ·
the quality is superb, I dropped it, smashed it (not purposely) and it held pretty well. It is a tough knife, and a really strong lock, the blade doesn't move with hard tasks. The only con is the pocket clip and blade shape. I find the pocket clip a bit to tight, and hard to clip to my pants. I tried to change but there seems to be a hollow shape in the clip that does not allow me to screw other knife clips on. TI'm not a big fan of the sheepsfoot blade shape, the tip of the blade seems to wear off before anywhere else, when you cut things the blade won't be evenly worn, because I tend to use the tip a lot more than anything else. I find the blade extremely easy to cut rope though, share me your thoughts!