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DPx Gear HIT Cutter

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DPx Gear HIT Cutter

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Compared to folding knives, fixed blades are hugely popular amongst the outdoors crowd. They have heavy-duty blades and fewer moving parts to fail under hard use. However, their exposed edge, longer length, and lack of pocket clip means you'll need to carry it in a bulky sheath. DPx Gear provide a more pocketable solution with their HIT Cutter. This unique knife retains all the benefits of a fixed blade while making the knife easier and safer to carry thanks to its pivoting edge guard. To use the knife, simply swing the guard backwards into the grip. When you're done, flip the lock back over the blade and clip it on your bag or belt loop with the integrated carabiner. Designed by a combat journalist with 30 years of experience in the field, this innovative blade finally lets you carry a strong fixed blade without the bulk.


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Chris Borders ·
I have one of these knives on a lanyard that is attached to my hiking back pack! It's so convenient and super sharp!
Very cool knife, but that price tag is tough.