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As a designer, this is my everyday carry for work. The commute does get tiring, therefore I always carry handy stuff that will pre occupy my time. Such as my camera.

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Love my LX-100. And I've been looking for a good wrist band for it. Great idea.
Check out DSPTCH, they have great stuff!
David M ·
I am getting the hot sauce key chain for my borother-in-law for Xmas. He always brings his own hot sauce to restaraunts
Noah Murdoc ·
Nice watch, what are your thoughts on it?
Brian R ·
Also curious about the MVMT Watch. how do you like it?
Eli Benson ·
Hey guys,

I own a couple of the MVMT watches, and rotate them daily in my EDC. Being that I work here at Everyday Carry, I'm sure you can imagine we have products sent to us all the time. These have stuck around in my carry for a while, and probably will do so for quite some time. For $100, I've yet to find a stylish, sleek and simple watch that beats them.
Hey! The watch does have a good look and feel, however, I feel that the watch was constructed badly. I wear the watch daily and find myself having to reset the time. I've fixed the battery, and it still gives me the same problem.
Very cool camera strap.
Thanks! DSPTCH has the best camera straps.