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Kershaw Shuffle II

Ed Jelley
Kershaw Shuffle II

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Kershaw's popular EDC folder, the Shuffle, got updated with some great user-friendly improvements. The Shuffle II closely resembles the original, but it's a bit longer for a more comfortable feel in hand. The old exposed bottle opener/screwdriver design would dig into your hand, so it was completely revamped for the sake of comfort too. Other changes include a new textured handle replacing the old repeating Kershaw pattern. Not only does it add a bit of a tactical look, but it also provides significantly more grip. Adding to that look is its blackwash tanto blade. Its shape gives extra strength behind piercing work and handles slicing tasks with ease. This affordable workhorse's new look and improved ergonomics make it an even better option for your next EDC knife.


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Andrew Anderson ·
This is a great knife. I picked one up last month and have been carrying it daily since then. Many of the knives I buy don't survive the first week in my pocket before they are relegated to the cigar box with all the other knives I thought would be great and never quite delivered. The shuffle II has delivered.