Pygmy Micro Multitool

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Pygmy Micro Multitool

If you end up using your multitool just for its screwdrivers, you might want to ditch the bulk for something more streamlined. The Pygmy, Schnelle Engineering's newest Kickstarter project, aims to be the world's smallest multitool. It packs two screwdrivers, a hex bit driver, and a scraper into a micro tool the size of a US quarter. It may be small, but it's strong enough to get real work done thanks to computer-aided design and solid titanium or stainless steel construction. Head over to their campaign below to see how the Pygmy stands up to a 500lb torture test, and pick one up for your EDC with pledges starting at $14.

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This is remarkably similar to Tofty's tools at Shapeways...