On me at all times

Steve Gelder
Ellsworth, IA
This daily carry goes with me everywhere. The silver dollar has been with me since college despite getting lost and then found again several times. It's a great item to fidget with and keep my hands busy. The OmniPod and Dexcom do wonders to help manage my diabetes. The Super Tinker is a gift from my dad from the first time I went backpacking with him. Great memories.

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Benton ·
Very cool, I am a fellow Omnipod user, love that pump. I work in diabetes research actually, I'm still on the classic G4, no share, I'll wait until they iron out all the kinks. Stay in range (that sounds cliche, but trust me, I know how that is...)
Huusmann ·
Nice, honest setup. Love the Super Tinker with the inscription, personalizing items like this just add so much more value...