Every day carry. (Work In Progress)

Student (age 16)
Greeley, CO
Ever since i went to toe 2013 scout Jamboree in Virginia i have done an Every day carry. I started with a Nalgene and have progressed up gathering things like a flash light and a durable pen. Recently got a multi-tool so i thought i would take a picture to see how far i had gotten.

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You're doing well, I'd look into a better flashlight, though. There are a lot of inexpensive LEDs (Thrunite is a good brand) available with a lot more lumens than MagLite and they're much lighter/smaller. Big thing is, ask yourself what you use on a DAILY basis (remember that D stands for something) and go from there. Things not needed quite as often can go to a ready bag to stay in a car/home. Looking forward to updates!
Hudson ·
Thinking of Adding A Ham Radio at some point. If in an emergency my phone is dead I can use the Auto-patch system and call for help.