My first EDC submission

Athens, Greece
Writing, cutting, fire and beard/hair combing all covered.
EDIT: #8 is custom-ordered to be black and have a longer strip, and I switched the standard round key-ring with the Minimalist key shackle. You can talk to the Etsy store owner for specifics when you order and their prices are reasonable.

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the go comb is gnarly good! good one man
Frank Santiago ·
Facebook Page, Frank Santiago, Eagle- pass it on
Garrick Zinecker ·
Some good stuff here. Like the wallet especially.
Hermes ·
Thanks! This site has been an inspiration and I like to refine my EDC as much as possible. Might be back with more posts, especially one with just my favorite writing instruments in it.
Garrick Zinecker ·
Yeah. Your wallet reminds me of the TGT wallet, which I have. I would consider getting yours for the pen spot, but I keep mine in my pocket. Do you like keeping your pen on your wallet vs clipped/in your pocket?
Hermes ·
The TGT wallet is nice, but it's actually bulkier than this little fella. I like carrying the pen with me as even if I don't carry a bigger pen with me, I always have something to write with. I put the wallet + pen in my pocket every day along with the tiny Moleskine notebook (which I wish was actually credit-card sized so I could put it inside my wallet). I sometimes carry bigger pens loosely in my pocket but I never like clipping them because I've noticed that they sometimes get unscrewed/uncapped and that's not good at all. Besides, one of my favorite pens doesn't even have a pen clip to begin with, and I never liked it on the Space Pen.