Senior Medical Clerk EDC

Ryan Ronald Lu
Davao City, Philippines
This is my day to day carry as a senior medical clerk to tackle the daily grind in the ward and ER duties. I also added A gerber artifact multitool for those in and out of hospital moments where the EMT scissors are inadequate or unsuitable for use and the Uzi tactical pen as my go to writing implement and as a self defense tool when need be.

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love the gerber artifact #5 looks like a claw of a raptor
Chris ·
Why the need for the clip on the moleskin?
Ryan Ronald Lu ·
It help keeps my moleskin open and steady when writing/drawing especially when there is no table available nearby. Also it keeps those paper notes and prescriptions secured from falling off the moleskin even if you accidentally threw the moleskin across the room.
Timothy Tay ·
What's your review on those scissors? My girlfriends a nurse and I wanted to make her a EDC kit
Ryan Ronald Lu ·
I had those pair since my pre-med years (Nursing). 10 years on, it still looks and works like a brand new pair of EMT scissors.