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High Design Essentials

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High Design Essentials

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Our friends at Huckberry have a great eye for form and function in daily essentials. This month, they've put together this pocket dump of high performance, high design gear with a nod to the outdoors. With designs ranging from minimal to overbuilt, this setup includes a machined pen and wallet, a survival keychain system, a unique fixed blade, and more.

Lum-Tec M-56 Quartz Watch

This watch is as tough as it looks, with a stainless steel case and water resistance up to 300m. As if it wasn’t legible enough, arabic markers and highly visible orange lume on its uncluttered face make it easy to read. At a beastly 44mm size, it’ll wear boldly on your wrist.

BUY ($535)

DPx Gear HIT Cutter

Fixed gear blades are the strongest around, but far from ideal for EDC. The HIT Cutter’s ingenious design avoids the need for a knife sheath entirely, thanks to a pivoting edge guard. It’s a beautifully utilitarian example of form enhancing function. Made in the USA from CPM S35VN steel with an integrated carabiner, the HIT Cutter is a knife you can depend on in the wild.

BUY ($150)

Machine Era Machined Slim Wallet

One of the best ways to simplify your carry is starting with how you carry your cash and cards. When looking for a minimalist wallet, you want something sturdy, pocket-friendly, and easy-to-use. Machine Era’s slim wallet is both simple and effective in its design (slide cards out or snap up the band to get to your cash), but nigh indestructible in construction (machined from solid metal).

BUY ($23)

Fort Knocks Knockaround Sunglasses

These polarized shades offer that iconic silhouette with unique details throughout, inspired by the gold bars of Fort Knox. You won’t have to baby these sunglasses thanks to their strength, resilience, light weight, and affordability.

BUY ($30)

Native Union CLIC Metal

The CLIC Metal is a beautiful way to add both protection and personalization to your smartphone that everyone else has too. Its mixed media design juxtaposes metal and wood for an elegant contrast of organic and sleek. Just like traditional knives and other brass gear, the case is engineered to stay strong and wear gracefully over time.

BUY ($60)

Machine Era Machined Pen

It’s a sturdy but lightweight aluminum pen, machined with minimal design cues. The result is a pocketable form factor with rugged construction for to uparmor your beloved Pilot G2 refill. You won’t have to worry about losing the cap either, thanks to some smooth, precise threads on the cap and tail.

BUY ($28)

TEC Accessories Suspension Clip

This simple yet effective piece of hardware is often all it takes to turn bulging keys in your pocket into a streamlined, easy-to-access setup. With this clip, you won’t need to dig around for that uncomfortable lump of keys poking your leg at the bottom of your pocket ever again.

BUY ($12)

Huckberry EDC Kit with FreeKey

Doing the most while carrying the least is a common goal in EDC, and Huckberry’s take on a keychain survival kit can help you do just that. It packs handy scewdrivers, a capsule lighter, and survival pod. Unravel its paracord exterior to find 7 survival tools, like a firestarter, tinder, duct tape, knife, and more. All of this comes fitted on an easy-access keyring designed to give your thumbs a rest.

BUY ($35)

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I really like that HIT Cutter!
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Hello, nice choice,
Can you give me a feedback about the DPx Gear HIT Cutter?