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The term "everyday carry" means different things to different people. To many on this site, it refers to all your essential items you pack with you on your person or in your bag on a daily basis. To many others, its meaning is more specifically related to firearms.

Since the relaunch of this site, we've aimed to spread the concept of everyday carry to a much broader audience. This meant shifting focus away from everyday carry in the firearm sense to content that's more accessible and relevant to an international community. As this site continues to evolve, we want to revisit this and gauge the community's interest in firearm related content.

That would include user submissions depicting firearms, short articles, advertisements, and sponsored content containing firearms appearing on the homepage in addition to the content we normally deliver now. 

We are aware that many of our readers lack interest in or have an aversion to this type of content, so it's important that you let us know what you would like to see.

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Sketkh Williams ·
Firearms are not interesting to me. They portray an aggressive mindset that I just don't think is necessary. The EDC community on Reddit is constantly posting EDCs with Guns and it distracts me from more well thought out and practical EDCs. Also, if you say anything about a gun like "Why do you carry one?" those posters jump down your throat and immediately start spouting first amendment rhetoric.

Please keep this website hand gun free.

That is another community.

People argue that lighters or knifes are in the same boat. I'd like to say something about that.

Your EDC should be a reflection of who you are, and how it affects your life. Knives are tools, I could hurt someone with one as much as I could use it to whittle.

Lighters can set fire to a cigarette as much as it can a house.

Guns are not tools, they're weapons, you don't use one to make waffles for yourself or to ignite a bowl of pot. You use it to harm, whether for protection or malice, it is designed to inflict pain. It's not a tool. It's a weapon, however responsibly it is used, it's ultimate design is to hurt.

They are not a flashlight, they are not a wallet, they are not a multitool or a comb.

That said, I'm not saying they're bad, but they're not an Everyday carry. If it fits in a pocket, it's an everyday carry. If I can take it to an office it's an everyday carry, if I don't need a permit to have it, it's an everyday carry.

These are my opinions, I'm more than positive people will disagree with it.
Nathan Harris ·
"Aggressive mindset" is an interesting way of putting it. Aggressive often connotates an unprovoked emotional response. You mention later that you can use it for protection or malice, so perhaps I'm seeing an implication that you simply aren't making. I think it's great that you are into EDC, but for a lot of us guns are part of the reflection of self that you reference.
I carry a gun knowing I probably won't ever be put in a situation that I will need it; if I find myself in a violent situation, likely I won't need/have time to use the gun. However, there is a statistically small chance that I may both need my gun and have time to use it in self-defense. Better to have it and not need it and all that.
Also guns are a tool. As you say, they have limited applications, but they are a tool as weapons are tools used to hurt or kill. Of course they can be used recreationally without killing or wounding, but for EDC purposes that is their function. A knife is primarily a cutting instrument, a lighter a firestarter, etc. These tools have a primary purpose that may or may not be commonly used throughout the day, yet we carry them. Do I need a Sebenza to open boxes at work even though I could just use my hands? Probably not. Do I need the neat little titanium multitool to lift beer caps on the weekend? No, I could almost certainly get the cap off some other way. Does my flashlight need to put out 200 lumens? I suspect not. These things make it easier for us. Just as it is easier to defend myself against an armed assailant if I am also armed.
Guns are a viable EDC for a lot of us. Occasionally they meet your requirements listed towards the end of your post (depending on size, where you live, and where you work). Take a look at that little Ruger in the picture at the top of the page with “Community Survey” on it. It’s in a pocket holster. If you lived in a state where concealed carry doesn’t require a license and your employer didn’t have a written policy against it, you could EDC that bad boy and still not feel bad about breaking your own rules.
You’re right, that was your opinion lots of us disagree. Not because you’re a bad person, or dumb, or dislike 1st Amendment rhetoric (and likely 2nd Amendment rhetoric [a good deal of us CCW types don’t need rhetoric when talking about the Constitution as logic is often more effective]). It’s because you’re mostly wrong on all of this. You would have been better just leaving it at your first sentence, “Firearms are not interesting to me.” Done. In fact, you could have just done that on the poll.
Rick Schell ·
Very well said!
Nivicus Martin ·
Sketkh Williams my comment was to you. telling someone else they are wrong and shouldn't have commented seems like an "aggressive mindset"
Nathan Harris ·
I didn't say he shouldn't have, just that he didn't have to. He is wrong though in nearly everything he said after expressing his disinterest in firearms. Of course people should not be dissuaded from posting in the comment section when voicing opinions, but that doesn't mean that we can't have have a reasoned discussion on how we disagree. I think it's great that we all have some middle ground on EDC, but there's nothing aggressive about telling something that they have said is not factual or accurate.
"..immediately start spouting first amendment rhetoric"?...Maybe a pocket Constitution should be put into your EDC rotation, quite simply because the 1st amendment protects your right to spout rhetoric, whereas the 2nd amendment protects gun ownership. By your logic, an individual need be an astronaut to carry a Fisher space pen, or a medical professional to carry a band aid? Not only are you wrong, you're incredibly obtuse to simply quantify a firearm as a weapon rather than a tool, because you alone cannot speculate a user's intent. By definition, carrying a weapon means that I intend to use it to cause harm, carrying a tool means I intend to use it to fix something. There is no abstract here. We carry flashlights as a deterrent because we know the world we inhabit will eventually become dark, I carry my Springfield XD 40 subcompact as a deterrent because I know some parts of the world that I inhabit remain dark. Erego, my intention for my carry, clearly defines my firearm as a tool.
As an afterthought, that you cannot differentiate between what is widely considered the tow most important articles of the Constitution, makes you a tool, and not a weapon...
Nivicus Martin ·
I agree with most of your statement and believe the comment section is open to all to express their views.
Steve Capeless ·
What if the vocal minority objected to the display of knives as dangerous accouterments? Or cigarette lighters because of their association with smoking? I do hope the editors of this site are steadfast in keeping this an open forum. No one should be cowed into leaving out what he/she considers essential to his/her daily life.
Matt Magnum ·
I visit this web site because I enjoy seeing the worlds EDC item's... Not for people's political views. If you find it necessary to carry a firearm you should be allowed to post it. By not featuring a post with a firearm I believe you taking a political stance.
Even though I don't own any guns, I find it fascinating to see firearms within someone's EDC. There's also a purity to not censoring the posts. If that's what people carry then let their EDC flag fly high. No objections here. And thank you for asking.
Firearms are important everyday carry to many visitors to the site. I think firearms have a place here along with flashlights, wallets, etc. This doesn't mean that the focus has to fixate on firearms, however, a variety of coverage, including firearms seems reasonable. Thank you.
Not opposed to it. I think this place is about us all sharing our tips, tricks, and gear with each other. Why leave out a thing that many of us carry on our person all the time?
I do miss the days when firearm-inclusive posts were featured on this site. I'll freely admit, a firearm is an essential part of my everyday carry, but I have not submitted my own post because I know it will not be considered. I certainly do not wish to shove my own views on personal carry down anyone's throat, but I also don't love the unspoken sense that I am supposed to feel some sort of guilt because I choose to carry a firearm to protect my family. I understand censoring posts that contain illicit/illegal items (like drugs for instance), but automatically dismissing a post because it contains a legal tool carried by millions of people everyday is frankly a missed opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our own individual carrying stories. I enjoy seeing others' everyday carry items, even though I would not choose to carry everything I see. I still find value in the variety. And it's fun to discover character and personality based solely on what someone has in his/her pockets. I would love to share my EDC with this community if it returns to an environment that is comfortable with a slightly different carry perspective.
Mark Rogers ·
I have always thought the definition of EDC was a collection of items, carried on a consistent basis, that help an individual be prepared for everyday situations as well as emergencies. This will undoubtedly include a firearm for a lot of people. I come to Everyday Carry to be informed, have items suggested, and see other people's carries. The absence of a particular EDC item seems to be odd. I like to think that the EDC community is a reasonable group of people. I don't personally carry a notebook or pen, so I don't read articles reviewing them or find them very interesting in general, but I also don't judge people who carry them. My hope is that people have this attitude if firearms are to be featured slight more here at Everyday Carry.
craig b ·
Let people be educated on what is an essential aspect to EDC for millions of people around the world: civilians (where legal), law enforcement, or military. I love seeing people's carry guns and how they EDC. But these posts are never picked as staff favorites.
Marcel W Jeannin II ·
I find everyday carry extremely interesting and fun and I definitely like different pistols.
David M ·
I envy people who can include firearms in their EDC.

No objections as long as the description is kept clinical and doesn't veer off into constitiutional rants.
Garrick Zinecker ·
Guns should not be censored on this site. I would submit my EDC, but have not, due to the fact that I carry a firearm. If people don't like them, they don't have to look at submissions with firearms.

If there are that many people opposed to seeing firearms, perhaps including a filter on EDCs to filter out those with firearms would be in order. That way, those that are offended or feel threatened by looking at a firearms can choose to not see them at all on the curated page.
I like this website and check it often. I am also a gun owner and do at times include a pistol in my EDC, along with my pen, pocket knife, watch, wallet, & etc. I like to see how and what other people EDC, even if it includes a firearm.

One of the things I really like about this site is seeing where people are from and their occupation in relation to their EDC... Being a knife collector and somewhat familiar with knife laws I do find it interesting when people's posting show a knife violating their local knife laws. It is pretty neat though, seeing say a graphic design artist in some very cosmopolitan city carrying a high-end tool knife.

I think one's EDC gives a unique snapshot of he/she and if it includes a firearm or not so be it.

Lastly, I too don't want this website to get overly political, I do think prohibiting guns in posts would be a negative step in that direction. Nor do I want my fellow gun-owners to try to proselytize the Second Ammendment on everyone. Most importantly though, I hope that we can remain civil regardless of our views on the matter.
Rick Schell ·
Firearms should be included without question!!
Rich Costello ·
The website leaves an unfair representation currently, as I have submitted several EDC posts that include a firearm. My submissions have not been posted, and neither have others, which gives a skewed view of the way people who EDC, EDC. Not posting firearms takes away from a large part of the EDC community's participation, and frankly, I at one time loved this website but feel indifferent at what (before this community survey) seemed to me to be an aversion to firearms. Which people carry.
J.S. Leonard ·
They are posted under explore. Only the top pics make it on the main page.
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