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Honolulu, Hawaii
My typical EDC minus the camera (Fujifilm XT-1), macbook pro, trusty Iphone 6 and my watch, a Lum-Tec B21 combat. These are some of my absolute favorites to carry, covers just about all my bases.

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I keep seeing these Peter Atwood Mega Lanslides, I think they very cool but I'm not sure if they have a practical purpose that I'm missing.
I think they are basically decorations.
They are indeed decoration over practical. For me its adds some fiddle factor (keep it in my left front pocket) so i tend to play around with the bead as a worry stone of sorts.
Guessing by the patch on your pack that you are a Shorin Ryu practitioner​?
Aloha, unfortunately I am not, this patch is a kamon (japanese family crest) patch that im quite fond of, not my family crest (chrysanthemum), but always liked it!
I dig the carry. Then I saw the hat and thought "skater" lol. Thanks for sharing!
Mahalo! Haha I actually cant skate, but I do a lot of field work so a hat helps a bunch with that!
Yo the mods on your leafstorm are dooope! I remember back in the day I just RIT-dyed the G10 scale so it was like a translucent black, yours is top notch.
Mahalo!! Iʻll have to post my other leafstorm next time. Also, your review on the leafstorm was the reason I picked one up years ago, by far my favorite knife!