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Dominic Scalise
Kanas City
Hi! My name is Dominic, and I own a leather goods business. This is what you'll find on me each day at the shop.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 - I had these a few years ago and somehow lost them. I went through a couple higher end in-ears, and they just fell short. So I had to pull the trigger and get these again. I'm so happy I did. These things look and sound fantastic.

KC CO. Keychain - It's a versatile keychain that can slip around your hand or tie to your belt loop. It's also made of real english bridle, which is loaded with waxes and very resilient. Breaks in beautifully too.

KC CO. Bifold - American Bridle exterior. Natural Veg Tan interior. French linen thread. Cut and stitched completely by hand. A proper bifold

Spyderco Caly 3 - This was my first foray into nice knives. I have plenty that are more expensive, but this one still is up at the top of my list. The blade shape is fantastic. The ergonomics are top notch. And the deep-set wire clip makes it almost unnoticeable when wearing. What a great knife.

iPhone 6 - I appreciate its speed, storage, and camera. Honestly, though, if they fit all of this into the 4s size, I'd be so much happier with it.

Benarus Moray 40mm - I met the owner (Steve) of Benarus about a year ago. Super nice cat. His watches are made so well. Fit and finish is precise. And these are nearly overbuilt (rated to 1000m!), not in a gaudy way - in a reassuring way. This rarely leaves my wrist.

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Ashley Woo ·
Love that KC Co. keychain--going to go check out their goods online :-D
Albert ·
I had the B&W P5s as well, but jumped on the wireless bandwagon when the new P5 Wireless came out. They still sound really good, and no wires!! Try them out, but leave your wallet at home!!