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Kisetsu Aki Wallet

Bernard Capulong
Kisetsu Aki Wallet

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Take a look at most of the new wallets popping up, and you’ll find they tend to take features away from their designs in the pursuit of minimalism. The Aki by Kisetsu bucks the trend by adding almost every feature you could want in a wallet. The result is a slim, minimalist bifold that accommodates everything you’d need at the register and more. It’s got three different forms of quick-access to cards — an external thumb slot, an internal slot, and a pull tab for cards you don’t use as much. You’ll only need to fold your bills once, thanks to its elastic strap “moneyclip.” And if you carry coins, there’s a slot for those too. It seals shut with a quick swipe of your thumb. Kisetsu went the extra mile with some travel-friendly features as well, like RFID shielding, a travel pen, and a hidden SIM card slot. You can pick one up in your color and leather of choice at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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Ripley A ·
Verdaderamente parece una cartera muy, muy práctica. Habría que tener algo de precaución con el apartado para monedas pero, en general, me parece muy acertado.

Espero que tengan suerte
These "slim" wallets are all the rage these days mind you the one thing they all have in common is a price that is inversely proportional to their size. The slimmer it gets the more people think they can charge for them. I like the idea but not sure I buy into the pricing structure!
Bernard Capulong ·
I haven't designed or sold any products myself, so I can only speculate. I would say it's not necessarily about the material you're paying for here -- it's about the functionality. It costs money to pour hours of work designing, prototyping, testing, reiterating innovative designs that actually work as a wallet. Not to mention all the physical material you lose doing that (probably not too much) but then it translates to manufacturing costs. Sure, you can make a big bulky simple bifold and sell it for cheap, but is it really a value? Imagine a wallet that's ultra slim but it's super durable, with ergonomic slots and hidden features. That's not easy to sew/build and takes time + money to do. There's a lot more involved to make a quality product and looking beyond material into the overall experience and lifetime of the product I'd be willing to pay a little extra. that's my opinion tho
Hi Bernard.....I fully take your point and you put a good argument forward. The trouble I sometimes find is that everything is out there in the virtual world of the internet but sometimes I want to physically hold these items and inspect and try them out myself. Often on-line reviews, from users, of such products can be really mixed and provide no clear cut recommendation. I suppose I'm just going to have to take a gamble one of these days and take the plunge!
Alden ·
I agree with the lack of product reviews for niche items, with most websites just copying the company sales pitch. Finding a detailed accurate review of very specific products is difficult. I always tell myself after 'taking the plunge' that I will post a detailed review, or youtube clip once I receive my item. But I always seem to get caught up with more important things. I believe we as the consumer have the opportunity to help better inform those after us by adding to the review literature or video footage. That's why I love this website, if I see a large number of EDC members using the same item I become more curious as to its functionality.
Kisetsu Collections ·
Hey guys,

We understand that some of you are having some issues with backing our kickstarter project -The Aki Wallet. We've run some tests and all pledges seem to be working fine. There might be a possibility that your account payment processing is not registered correctly.

Do make sure that of your kickstarter account and information is registered correctly and If the problem still persists, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you rectify this problem. :)

Team Kisetsu
alan j hornung ·
I like thin wallets because I only carry a small number of cards.
Kevin Hinkey ·
I tried to back at the 85 level and it had errors like 4 times. I gave up. bummer sweet wallet
Warren ·
It can't be backed when will I be able to buy one
Bernard Capulong ·
A few of the early bird pledges have sold out, but you should still be able to back it at the regular kickstarter price. Otherwise you'd be waiting til next year after production I think