Bare Minimum Essentials

BrisVegas, Australia
This stuff is pretty much on me all the time:

Wallet, iPhone, Car & House Keys, Watch, Handkerchief!

The new iPhone 6S+ is a delight, even coming from an iPhone 5S, and the Kennedy wallet has both a money clip and card slots, so it's pretty compact. The Suunto watch tracks all my activities, but is pretty big on my small wrist. It can go around a month without charging, and is pretty tough!! Even though it can show alerts and some notification from the iPhone, I don't bother using it that way.

Depending on the day and my mode of transport, I'm usually carrying a kitted out Goruck GR0 to work, usually riding in by bike. But I'll do that carry another time, especially as there are so many more goodies in that bag!!

And if anyone is wondering, the lack of knives or other weaponry is pretty much due to the stringent carry laws in Australia (like in the UK).

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