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Nitecore T360

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore T360

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The Nitecore Tube is one of our all-time favorite EDC lights thanks to its solid features, wallet-friendly price, and compact size. But since you can only really hold it underhand or in between your teeth, it isn’t the best for more specialized tasks. Nitecore’s new T360 is a more work-oriented light, taking the best qualities from the original Tube (like its 45 lumen output and USB charging) while adding more user-friendly features. The secret is in the T360's base. Centered on the included nylon headband, it frees up both hands for more demanding tasks. Thanks to a unique spherical joint, the T360 also rotates freely, now able to illuminate from every angle. Best of all, the base itself is actually a bracket clip. This means you can mount it onto your jeans pocket, backpack strap, or hat. Combined with its rotating joint, it makes the T360 quite a handy light. If you liked the original Tube but need a bit more versatility, then the T360 is the lightweight workhorse for you.


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Ripley A ·
Nitecore se está postulando como una ma ca de confianza en cuanto a linternas de uso personal. Por lo que se refiere a mi Nitecore Tube, oficialmente aguanta una caída de cuatro metros. Pues bien, el otro día desgraciadamente se me cayó desde una altura de cinco plantas y...como si nada.

¿ Gran ensamblaje? ¿ Materiales de calidad? ¿Revestimiento interno de aluminio? La verdad es que no lo sé pero estoy mucho más que satisfecha con esta marca.
Gabriel Tanois ·
Does it come with a headband or I need to buy it along with T360?
bekee ·
would the headlamp be good for nighttime bicycling, or is it too targeted?
Bernard Capulong ·
It's actually a floody beam, meaning it can span enough of the road ahead of you, so it isn't too targeted. But, keep in mind this is only 45 lumens and has no reflector, so it might not light up far enough down the road for you. You'd probably want a dedicated light that can push closer to 300 lumens if you're competing with streetlights and stuff like that. This might be good for visibility as a rider, like a more versatile blinker when you put it on signal mode.