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Leather Valet Tray by LegacyBrandLeather

Ed Jelley
Leather Valet Tray by LegacyBrandLeather

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Having a place to put your EDC at the end of the day is just as important as where you carry it. This leather valet tray by Legacy Brand Leather provides a place for your keys, wallet, knife, flashlight, and more whether you’re at home or on the road. Having a place for your essentials while traveling ensures that things don’t get lost or misplaced. The tray conveniently folds flat with just a few quick snaps of its all-brass hardware so you can easily pack it with the rest of your luggage. Handmade from brown dyed leather and available with a personalized monogram, this tray could be your EDC’s new home.


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Great and classy item at a good price. Maxpedition makes one called the Tactical Travel Tray with some pockets/straps which could come in handy. Measures 8.5" X 5" and costs between $20-22 on Amazon.
I use one of those navy blue polo/Ralph Lauren gift boxes. The boxes are thick and sturdy.
Chinmay Patel ·
I've made these with papers, only trouble is after a week it gets all dusty. I actually also have a leather one like this but more edgy corners but that to get dusty. Is there any dust free spray lol
Doug French ·
Please post ASAP when you find that dust spray. I've been looking for decades!
Wouldn't a compressed air can used for cleaning electronics work?
Sam Nead ·
I'm going to have to channel my inner Martha Stewart and make one of these.
Dan Landin ·
I already use a leather valet, but it is much larger and way too full in my opinion. Perhaps this might be a great solution to keep it only to my regular EDC rather than keeping all of my options on top of the dresser at the same time.
NotoriousAPP ·
What watch is that?
Patrick LaFollette ·
I'm 99% sure that's a Timex Weekender. I'm wearing one right now. It's a really nice looking affordable watch, especially if you get a nice strap for it. Mine's a leather one from a company called Form*Function*Form. But they're good even if you just use a standard NATO.
Salman ·
Oh come on, a Timex Weekender begs the use of a NATO strap. It's almost part of its identity!!! Or maybe because I've always seen one with a NATO and they look classy ;)
Scot Stewart ·
That's a leather NATO....