Minimalist EDC

LQ Williams
Memphis, Tennessee
This is what I carry to work every morning in my briefcase. I didn't show my Samsung Note smartphone, because I used it to take this photo.

The Jetstream pens are phenomenal. I been using them for three months strong now.

I carry my tablet to stream Hulu/Pandora and answer my GMail anywhere, anytime. I also have a 32 GB mini SD card to store my pictures, videos, and 200 e-books. I only take my Acer laptop for traveling out of town.

I like to sketch and draw flowcharts, so I always carry paper. The sticky notes also help immensely with my absent-mindness.

I had my HP50g graphing calculator since 2008. I bought it for a stats class. I haven't found a single app that comes close to it; you would need at least 3 others beside the standard calculator.

The Samsung watch is great during meetings. You won't disturb anyone reaching for your phone.

The Z Gear charger comes in handy when people are in the car. One can use the lighter adapter, and someone else can use the Z Gear.

The pocket reference helps me refresh my math and science know-how.

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