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GambleMade Gatekeeper

Mikey Bautista
GambleMade Gatekeeper

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A common carabiner is one EDC item you wouldn't think twice about, until you clad it in a suit of armor. Take the Gatekeeper, GambleMade‚Äôs fourth heavy-duty Kickstarter project, for example. It enhances the standard carabiner in every way. Its core is lightweight aluminum coated with titanium plates, and its bottom section has holes drilled in for plenty of versatility with your existing setup. Its screws and hardware are machined smooth out of stainless steel to strict tolerances, ensuring edge-free carrying comfort. Its namesake feature, the main gate, is secured with a beefy spring, ensuring a reliable action with every use. Check out the Gatekeeper on Kickstarter, and link up your essentials to one of the most solid carabiners on the market.

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Scott Johnson ·
$75 for a carabinder. ROLFLMAO
Edgar Morales ·
Looks great!!! I want some of these for my EDC