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Noah Murdoc
Electrician (age 22)

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Jeremy ·
Forgive me for the thread resurrection, but what are the chances youre trying to sell that tareinco pouch?
Noah Murdoc ·
Sorry man not for sale, i see they are no longer available as well. its a great pouch with extremely high quality. I now make my own with a similar design, and could probably sew a new custom pouch of similar design for someone, if it was legit, and for the right price.
I have 2 MSM berserker patches glued to the mirror filler plates on the doors of my Jeep...
Noah Murdoc ·
That's a very cool rig man, bout time someone put up an 'every day carrier.' Yeah it's a pretty cool patch design, I like to rep my Norwegian roots
6.4 L V8 Hemi...goes wherever I point it...glad you're going the patch route and not jars of dead fish...