The things I can't be without

London, Great Britain (UK)
These are the things I carry, no matter what the situation I'm ready. The disks on the back of the phones are metal and part of the magnetic mounts in my vehicles - its so easy...I used to have to remove the case on my phones to use them with a car holder but not any longer, get one, you won't look back. The Lamy pen is just brilliant - I do a lot of sketching, but also writing and having both in a well built package is nice. I've had the Casio for 4 years, never fails me, never needs a battery and has taken a bashing, but still keeps perfect time because of its connection to the atomic clock. The knife isn't expensive at all, but its taken abuse and use and is still here and sharp as hell. Like many people my iPhone is everything....its work and play and never fails to amaze me what it can do, whether its playing music, managing my diary, controlling my heating and cameras at home or sending encrypted email, its just totally amazing. The Muvi camera is really useful little device, I have used it for so much...its not GoPro quality but its a useful size for certain applications. Hope this gives you some ideas...generally speaking I actually carry a lot more than this but these are my essentials.

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