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Stan Jones
Lincoln, Nebraska
When I'm not at work sporting a duty belt, these are my go-to EDC items. You'll almost always see the 007 on my wrist. I interchange the Vic Classic with an Alox Cadet. The Spydie GB is in rotation with a PM2, Sage 2, BM 940, and my ZT 0450 (but my GB sees the most time). The W&W Strap is new and out of every Horween product I've ever tried, this is my favorite (not too thick, not too thin). The Saddleback ID wallet will most likely stay in my pocket until I cease to breathe, it's such a well-made wallet; I can't describe how much of a value it is.

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Such a good EDC... AWESOME!
Matt Magnum ·
I dig the 007.. is that the original crystal?
Stan Jones ·
Good eye! It's a Superdome sapphire with inner blue AR coating,it's also got a "Hydra" second hand. The gent I purchased it from on WUS did the mods, I'm loving it.
Nick Harrell ·
Looks great!
Chason Yang ·
Nice watch! How can i get one?