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The 5 Best Pocket Multitools for EDC

Mikey Bautista
The 5 Best Pocket Multitools for EDC

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Multitools are a great addition to any EDC for the sheer amount of utility they can bring to your kit. The problem is, sometimes the tool itself takes up even more space and weighs more than the entire carry combined. It's hard to put one to good use when the added bulk is a hindrance rather than a benefit for everyday tasks. In this guide, we list five of our favorite pocket-friendly multitools, excellent not only for their repertoire of functions but also for their form factor, bringing you all the benefits without the added bloat.

Top 5 Pocket-Sized Multitools

Victorinox Alox Cadet 84mm (L)

Switzerland's silver stunner is one of the most popular EDC multitools of all time, and for good reason. It looks great and weighs next to nothing thanks to its namesake aluminum oxide scales. It packs a surgical-sharp 2.5” blade, and still somehow manages to stay thinner than a pencil even with three extra tools. Whether as a main blade or as a backup, you would be hard-pressed to find better compact value than the Alox Cadet.

BUY ($29)

Victorinox Manager & Midnite Manager 58mm (L)

Of all of Victorinox's keychain offerings, the Manager series is our favorite because they're a complete set of EDC tools packed into a highly compact 58 mm form factor. The Midnite Manager ($36) includes a knife, pen, and flashlight with an accompaniment of other tools, while the Manager swaps out the LED for tweezers. It's hard to imagine anything better (or smaller) than these guys.

BUY ($26)

Leatherman Style PS 75mm (L)

While people’s eyes are usually on Leatherman's more popular Skeletool CX, we haven't forgotten that its smaller siblings serve an excellent purpose: being ideal multitools for keychain or belt loop carry and playing well with local laws. The Style PS shown above is also meant to be TSA compliant with its scissors instead of a blade, with some owners successfully able to get it through airport checkpoints. Still as tough as its brothers and still highly useful, it’s one tool that you can safely take with you on your travels.

BUY ($24)

Gerber Dime 70mm (L)

An oldie but a goodie, the Gerber Dime is still a highly versatile keychain tool. The Dime manages to fit ten large functions—including a unique package-opening blade and a pair of pliers—into a package able to collapse into a tiny 2.75”. It's also a very inexpensive investment, often priced well below the $20 mark, costing you next to nothing to add one to your carry.

BUY ($16)

Gerber Shard 70mm (L)

Speaking of oldies but goodies, we can't make a list about multitools without mentioning the single most popular multitool on the site. A one-piece multitool designed with only the essentials in mind, the Gerber Shard is highly effective in its simplicity and focus. With 7 functions under .5 ounces and an asking price of $7 (but usually well under), it's one of the best things you can add to your keychain without sacrificing space, weight, or cost.

BUY ($3)

We hope you enjoyed our list of multitools that put power in your pocket and not strain on your belt. Did we miss one of your favorites? Sound off in the comments below!

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Ethan ·
I have the leatherman style ps it is a handy tool. I am glad it has pliers, most keychain multitool just have scissors. Sometimes I change my multitool to the Victorinox classic sd.
Astropin ·
I've carried multiple Victorinox/Wenger pocket tools as well as the dime and the Squirt PS4. By far the PS4 is the best of them all. Bought another just to have as a backup.
Not that big of a deal, but I thought the Manager comes with the tweezers instead of the toothpick.
You list the Gerber Shard as "under seven ounces". It is actually way under. Twenty of them together weigh less than that. The correct weight is 0.3 ounces.
kyle miller ·
have the Dime and have given them to my sons as well... they're great in a camera bag, and there's a 'TSA' safe version, though that's not what i have... i like them better than the leatherman squirt, which i tried and no longer ever carry. My Dime is in my camera bag... there's a Shard on my daily keychain, and a Schnelle B102 on my keychain for the wife's car. But it's good to learn about new things... may have to try a Leatherman Style, now.
The blade on the Cadet isn't 3.3", the entire knife closed is 3.3".
Bernard Capulong ·
Thanks for that, the post is corrected!
Jared Apperson ·
I fly weekly, and have been carrying the Leatherman Style PS for well over a year now. The first couple of times I went through screening, I left it in my bag, and it got pulled and scrutinized every time. Now, I keep it in my front pocket, and when I get to screening, I open it up, toss it into one of the small, round security bins alongside my iPhone, and it gets through easy-peasy. The X-ray screener usually pulls it out, looks at if for a few seconds, then tosses it right back in. I often times will get a 'thank you' from them for having it out and open.
Jon Oak ·
I would substitute any of the multi tools with the Leatherman Micra. Tried and true in the classic Super Tool design, there are none better. I've owned other mini multi tools but none compare to the Micra.

I will agree with the shard though. I put a paracord wrap on mine and hung it from my keychain. A mini pry bar that doubles as a bottle opener and triples as a screwdriver is a handy piece to have.
I agree about the Micra-- A great tool that doesn't seem to get enough attention
Jon Oak ·
I would substitute any of the multi tools with the Leatherman Micra. Tried and true in the classic Super Tool design, there are none better. I've owned other mini multi tools but none compare to the Micra.

I will agree with the shard though. I put a paracord wrap on mine and hung it from my keychain. A mini pry bar that doubles as a bottle opener and triples as a screwdriver is a handy piece to have.
Ulyan ·
You need to add Leatherman Micra
I second that. I have found the Micra to be a very solid mini multitool. While this may not be true for everyone, I seldom have a task that I MUST have a small set of pliers, but I very frequently need scissors. The Micra's scissors are bigger and easier to use frequently vs some of the others that build their tool around pliers.

And IMO a huge benefit to the Micra vs a SAK classic or manager (not to knock those excellent tools) is that the Micra is much easier to customize, and without special tools. The concept is so simple, it is not hard to figure out how to swap out tools you don't use for ones you need. I removed the tweezers and flathead on my micra and cut & filed down a house key to fit on mine.

Plus the Micra can be had for pocket change (used) on ebay from the guys selling surplus TSA confiscated gear.
As far as SAK's go, in the size and price range of Victorinox Manager and Midnight Manager, I would personally suggest getting twice the tools with the Minichamp II. Slightly more expensive than the Manager and slightly cheaper than the Midnight, but much more capable. In addition, having a dedicated flashlight separate from your multitool is always a wise choice.
Scott R Hill ·
Hot damn, I own 4 of the 5. Instead of the Gerber Shard I care the Boker Plus Vox Access Tool. I know it's A LOT more expensive, but it does what I need it to do.
Corbs ·
I have a SOG Pocket PowerPlier and an Alox Minichamp every day, the Minichamp is awesome, and the SOG is easy to swap tools to become bladeless. With the 1/4 socket drive and a bit kit, it's a small tool that will face up to big jobs.
Johan Bertilsson ·
I have a Leatherman Style PS on my keychain, can't manager without it. I don't have any alox Vics, but several others including an Minichamp, with pen. And you forgot the Leatherman Brewzer.
Jim McNeely ·
I had a Gerber Dime and the scissors won't cut paper, and the screwdriver seemed to weak to tighten a screw. So, why carry it? I love my Leatherman Squirt - very high quality and even smaller.
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