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5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack Reviews

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John B. ·
I got this pack for my bug out bag. Mine is the 3-day pack, bigger than the one shown. I've taken it on a couple of camping trips and it's fairly comfortable loaded to around 40 pounds. This pack seemingly has a million pockets....and I love pockets! It was a bit expensive, but it is excellent quality and very durable.
saint_shinobi ·
Heads up. I just picked one up at the store in Las Vegas for 39.99 till they run out of stock. The sales person said a new version will be replacing it soon.
Just got my 2nd Rush 12. Bought my first when it first came out, X years ago. They have added some nice features--but--didn't think them all through IMHO.

So this is a dedicated school bag for me. One of the pleasures of being a "senior" is I can take classes at our local university (Rutgers-New Brunswick, NJ) for free. No credits of course, I'm just auditing the class, and totally free except for the books. Got my MBA in 1975 so who cares about credits now! I'm taking classes I WANT to take. But I digress.

They added an Admin area in the outside pouch. For some reason they didn't make the pen/pencil/Sharpie holders deep enough for the items. Duh? Why place slots obviously intended for writing instruments in an Admin pouch when they barely grasp the pocket clips?

Other than that, it appears to be the same or better quality of my prior bag with some nice added pockets. Plenty of racks of molle/pals webbing so you can customize to your hearts content.

But for the Admin area I'd give the bag 5 stars. So its 4 1/2 stars for me.
Ruan Kruger ·
Amazing bag. Had it for about 5 years.
Michael Robinson ·
I agree with C Harrison. Best. Backpack. Ever
Cameron Harrison ·
I've only had this for about a month but it's the best backpack ever. I have everything I need in there too. From phone charger, to work gloves, tools, spare knife and flashlight, paracord, extra security uniform, extra socks always, food and water, and enough toiletries for an over night somewhere.
Have the rush 24, but decided to get this for a smaller bag more suitable for travelling with. Have just come back from a trip to Sri Lanka where i got to try the bag out for the first time.
It done a stirling job of looking after my sjcam, laptop, kindle cables ect as well as carrying a water bottle ,snacks, sunglasses and more all neatly organised and readily accessible.
I hate using the words expensive or cheap when it comes to explaining the cost of an item, to me there is only value for money or no value for money and this bags has plenty of value.
So I got this one in 2012 to due to necessity and I've used it everyday since. It's carried everything from saline bags to diapers and always dusted out just fine.