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Leatherman Style CS Reviews

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Leatherman Style CS Reviews (21 total)

Jon M ·
The most ergonomic scissors on a keychain multitool, period. It remains a permanent fixture on my Keybar, and pairs nicely with the Skeletool. Those tweezers have come in handy on numerous occasions, as well.

Don’t think, just buy!
sjugge ·
When in need of a very pocketable clipping, snipping, cutting tool... look nog further. It's tiny but does what it's made for well. And it opens beers.
Lester ·
Works great. My one complaint is it can be difficult to deploy the knife if you have large hands and no fingernails.
Paul ·
Keychain multitool.
Roberto Vindell ·
A perfect multitool to carry around, super versatile and has gotten me out of sticky situations.
Sergio Yanez ·
Knife,scissors,carabiner small clip
Guillermo Celta ·
great tool, have owned it for almost 4 years.
Justin Shenton ·
Clips to keys, fits in the watch pocket of a pair of jeans, or just disappears into a pocket. Sturdy pair of scissors, knife, screwdriver, file, tweezers, bottle opener.
Hamzah Iqbal ·
Use this almost daily for small tasks and the scissors are very capable, I have used them to cut through standard electrical wire, the sort used for laptop chargers etc. only snag is the knife blade which is not the most capable and sharp out of the box
bobby p ·
Great lil mini tool to compliment my Leatherman Skeletool!
Nick J ·
Have this tool clipped to my keyring so I always have it with me. The scissors are my most used tool but need sharpening from time to time. The clip makes it easy to remove from keyring for use, but seldom comes off the keyring when in the pocket.
Paul Tobeck ·
Handy when I don't have my full size tools with me. The scissors are just OK, not nearly as good as Victorinox SAK. May swap this out for a PS and see if the mini pliers are more useful.
Joseph Buffo ·
This is my "regular society knife" where all my knife is doing is opening packages and sharpening my pencil. Keeps my other knives sharp for the woods tasks. Also has great little pair of siccors.
Paul Tobeck ·
I like mine, but wish the scissors were better. They only cut thin paper decently, anything else they only really cut on the very tip. Not nearly as good as the scissors on a Wenger or a Vic SAK.
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