Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch


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For the price this little bag is great, it's not used hard so I cant say much to the durability. It serves as an edc glovebox carry that stays in the car
Smaller than my Maxpedition pouch. It holds the slimmer gear neatly in my Sitka. The Maxpedition pouch is made better
This one was a gift from my sister. Admittedly there are plenty of faults like previously described, but I've utilized the little bugger since 2008. Yeah, it's a little rough around the edges, but until it fails me I won't give up on it.
Usually, Condor pouches aren't bad at all, as far as entry level MOLLE gear goes. That said, this pouch is terrible. The MOLLE feels flimsy and the lack of webbing on the back means it can swing free and detach from your gear easily if the snaps come undone. Aside from that, the interior feels cheap and unfinished. The pockets and dividers did their jobs adequately, but were poorly sewn and were uneven. Probably not just a quality control issue, since I own two and the same issues exist for both pouches. Skip this thing and spend a little more on a Maxpedition or higher end brand of MOLLE pouch. If you're dead set on Condor, they make admin and general purpose pouches far superior to this.
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