Moleskine Classic Notebook

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My Bullet Journal, if you don't know what it is I suggest you to google it :)
Thanks for the tip! That looks perfect.
My favorite journals! Options include leather, and non leather covers. Most come with pockets in the back. Cahiers have some perforated pages in the back and boast a much slimmer line than the hard backed traditional Moleskins. PS it's not really mole's skins.
Cover Galen Leather Co
I take notes on the go with a simple ball point pen.
For the personal thoughts that won't go on the legal pad.
Work great, and plenty of pages.
Large journal for sorting through thoughts in my head - business and personal
So good! Purchased a wallet specifically for travel. Its slim and fits my cards in there just fine.Recommend it!
Inside the cover is the notebook
I take a lot of notes through out the day, Moleskin makes a high quality notebook.
Gift from my Girlfriend.
Not really sure, what version is it as it was gift. Larger than typical Field Notes I'm carrying. Lovely made, saddle stitched and paper is nice soft without grid-lines, so can sketch if needed.
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