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Moleskine Classic Notebook Reviews

From Moleskine


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Moleskine Classic Notebook Reviews (40 total)

Winiger Franco ·
Skye ·
My favorite journals! Options include leather, and non leather covers. Most come with pockets in the back. Cahiers have some perforated pages in the back and boast a much slimmer line than the hard backed traditional Moleskins. PS it's not really mole's skins.
Chap ·
I still like to write things down.
Alex Boswell ·
Can never be without my moleskine. the best note/sketchbooks out there.
William Gumshoe ·
James Hannam ·
With squares, for planning, diagrams, notes
ivanderful ·
Classy, nothing extra
Drew Taylor ·
Sometimes I actually have to put pen/pencil to paper instead of using a digital device. I really like these notepads.
Chris Allegro ·
Need this for notes, actors sizes, scene information, shopping lists, schedule, etc.
Hendrik Novoa ·
I wouldn't go anywhere without my notebook!
Paul Pearson ·
netzmeister ·
Small notebook with small and comfortable pen. Absolutely important.
Jamie McGuire ·
Always nice to keep ideas, dates and times of things that happen on hard copy.
DF Rietz ·
This is wrapped with Grovemade leather.
Harold ·
My vacation EDC. Simple and small.
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