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The most durable slim wallet on the market. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an affordable thinner wallet.
I couldn't be happier with a $10 wallet. I bought mine when I was doing a lot of driving for my job and was tired of sitting on a thick wallet. It's amazing how much you can fit into this wallet. Space efficiency at its best. My only complaint is that there really isn't much of a place for cash. I fold my bills and squeeze them into the slot on the back of the wallet. I should probably invest in a money clip and carry more cash. Keep that in mind before you buy, but then again, at $10-$13 who cares?
This thing has been going strong for 8 years!
I love this wallet I have the new LPW wallet. It carries everything I need. When I have cash a just fold it in half and it fits behind my Id. The wallet is not bulky and I barely notice it when sitting. It can be a front pocket wallet. This is my favorite wallet
I like this wallet. It is minimal. I keep it in my scrubs, no problem.
A MUST HAVE! Slim Maxpedition Micro Wallet, in Foliage green.
I got mine at MEC and it has been doing the job wonderfully well for 10 years.
Got rid of the 2 x 4 I was carrying in my back pocket. Down to 6 cards, very slim. Now I front pocket carry! I fold my cash in half, and hold everything together with a ranger band,
Best wallet I've ever owned.
Great Wallet for travel - small compact and carry everything I need.
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