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Douk Douk Carbon Steel Folding Knife Reviews

From  Douk-Douk

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Douk Douk Carbon Steel Folding Knife Reviews (3 total)

Jacob Allen ·
Big fan of this knife. I got it because it was simple, slim, and rugged. Inexpensive, but a good value. Doesn't hold a edge as long as most fancy knifes, but is easy to sharpen to a razor's edge. I will definitely get another when mine wears down or gets lost.
If this had better steel like a S.A.K I'd use it all the time. Cool though.
Great design so simple, great history, really unique, slim tough cheap you will not find another like it. The carbon steel can be very sharp but dulls quickly. The stainless steel version is 440A steel and fairly woeful for extended work.