ThruNite Ti3

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Features Bright and dim modes.


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Love this light. I'e gone through 4 of them.

My only issues are the following...
If you carry it on a key chain and it gets caught in something the chain snaps very easily. Also the head of the flashlight turns very easy causing it to come off and fall along with the battery. If you don't notice that you'll probably walk around with half a flashlight on your key chain.
So tiny yet so bright.
Great small pocket flashlight.
A pleasure to use.
When i first got this light i thought it would be great for my edc but it was not because it was not bright enough and now i would prefer a button so im going to get the thrunite t10
Packs a punch for the size AAA battery and lovely and bright easy to use. What more can you ask for oh and tough as a tank!
Awesome little flashlight.
Incredibly bright for the size
Small, works. May replace with one that doesn't require twisting.
In my NaoLoop wallet at all times.
Perfect little companion. Like the AAA battery because it's everywhere available. Very bright.
Awesome little flashlight with glow in the dark paracord fob.
Redundancy is the name of the game. I like it so much, I carry two.
Perfect for this wallet, tiny with a big punch. My only issue is the time to toggle through lighting modes using the bezel head, but as with the T10 it is a solid little light and great when heading home from the pub.
I've been EDCing the Thrunite Ti3 for a year now on my keychain. This has to be one of the best value for money flashlights in its class. It's small, light and amazingly bright for its size. I specifically looked for a AAA flashlight as it's an easy to find battery.

Some people don't like modes on flashlights and for those people the Thrunite T01 is basically the same but with just a simple on-off.

A downside for me to this flashlight are that it is twist operated, and pushing the lens can make it come on in your pocket if you don't twist it off enough. When I tried attaching it a baseball cap to make it a head torch the clip came off and the torch fell on the floor because of this I never use the clip. On one occasion the torch head came unscrewed in my pocket and the battery and torch head fell on the floor when I took my keys out of my pocket, thankfully I noticed and there was enough daylight for me to find them.

The finish has lasted well, only coming off where there are sharp corners and on the peaks of the knurling.
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