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Me and the Missus are headed once again for London, so I resolved to conquer the most annoying problem which reared it's fugly head during the airplane rides. To wit: finding all the doodads necessary for maintaining sanity on a 9 hour trip in my glamorous vintage bag without a 20 minute rummage.

Behold, I came upon this wonderful life enhancer, the Grid-It Organizer. I mean, look at it! All those straps headed every which-wonkey way! I spent many an engrossed hour configuring my stuff, and there's a very good chance I'll do it all over again, just for the thrill. (Ah, the advantages of age.) It even has a pouch on the back side that perfectly accommodates my iPad. I'll admit it, I was concerned at first about the holding power of the straps, but a few violent shakes proved that all was secure. Now one sightless dip into my bag will bring all my air trip pacifiers unto the fore.
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