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Kirk Robinson ·
I've used this during EMT calls, on fire calls, on vacation, fixing my daughter's bike, and around the house. I would only trade it for another one.
Potronaut ·
Literally the best multi-tool I have found for the price and functionality. The craftsmanship and the thought that go into a leatherman multi-tool is unreal. This one has replaceable wire cutter blades, you can reach all the frequently used tools on the outside while its closed as well which I love.
Tanner Dickerson ·
the best way to explain it is best money ive ever spent. if i lost mine today id buy another right then and there. it would be heavy to pp who aren't used to carrying a lot of weight. i carry mine every day. but thats what you get with a heavy-duty tool. its extremely durable and if you do happen to break it then leatherman will replace it with no headache. Leatherman is hands down the best customer service company that i know. the 420 HC is a great backup blade. its extremely easy to sharpen and takes a very keen edge but it doesn't hold it very long. but i dont consider it a main blade. i consider it a back up. its very easily one hand operable. the black oxide will wear off pretty easily compared to like DLC coatings, i prefer the rough, worn look but if thats something you wouldnt like then the stainless steel version would be the way to go. but if your a tradesman or just in need of a tough multi-tool then this is your tool. id rate it 11/10.
Dionne Swart ·
Geat multitool. Sometimes a little too much but being an engineer I get to use it several times per day.
Ryan Nieva ·
Built for hard use. Its been with me for more than 10 years already.
Mike ·
Have had this tool for over 3 years and have used it every single day with no exaggeration. Built like a tank this is an amazing made tool.
Built like a tank and I use this every single day.
Adam Aramino II ·
Absolutely amazing tool, 10/10
reitracks ·
Heavy but worth the carry given all of the functions it serves.
Sarge ·
Leatherman Surge Black
Sarge ·
Leatherman Surge black & silver LE
One tool - hundreds of features.
Benjamin red ·
Heavy multitool.
Bobby ·
This fits best in a pants pocket, with the spare mag in this place, but the load out does work as shown.
Bagpuss ·
I’ve carried Compact SAK for a long time but found the lack of pliers frustrating. The Surge is great piece of kit but I’m going to split the difference with a Charge+ TTI.
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