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Built like a tank and I use this every single day.
Adam Aramino II ·
Absolutely amazing tool, 10/10
reitracks ·
Heavy but worth the carry given all of the functions it serves.
Sarge ·
Leatherman Surge Black
Sarge ·
Leatherman Surge black & silver LE
One tool - hundreds of features.
Benjamin red ·
Heavy multitool.
Bobby ·
This fits best in a pants pocket, with the spare mag in this place, but the load out does work as shown.
Bagpuss ·
I’ve carried Compact SAK for a long time but found the lack of pliers frustrating. The Surge is great piece of kit but I’m going to split the difference with a Charge+ TTI.
Mike ·
I would call this a “super tool”
I use this multi tool on a daily basis.
My go to
Mike ·
Carry this is a must. Never know when you’ll need a tool for any reason.
Mike ·
Recently received as a gift from my Father-In-Law
Freddy G! ·
Heavy but worth the weight
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