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Rick Hinderer XM-18 Reviews (8 total)

Chris ·
Skinny Skinner - USAMadeBlade Exclusive
Stonewash Finish
Olive G-10 Scale
2020 Covid-19 Lasering
René ·
3.5 Spanto
XM18 3" with wharncliffe blade and DIY anodized clip
Gary Gross ·
Warthog ti scale, Bronze ti hardware
Travis ·
Fatty blade, titanium scale.
Hands down the best knife I've ever owned.
Thunderhawk ·
This little 3" wharnie is best suited to average every day tasks. I have two other Hinderer but none of them are as portable or practical as this little guy. The simple wharnie shape makes it easy to keep sharp.
Jim Robb ·
Battle Black 3.5" Fatty Spanto with Steel Flame clip and tab