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While easily carried in a wallet, the only thing I have found this to be good for is opening bottles.
I've never used this thing and with all of my other gear I probably don't need it but my sister bought it for me and she was really proud that she found something I would actually use. Plus, with good'Ol Murphy lurking around out there, the day I stop carrying it will be the day I really wish I had it.
If a family member gifted me with something, I'd surely make certain to use and enjoy it.
i don't know the make but it's pretty generic and should be easy to find.

the sockets are my fave part
Handy and novel
useful? really?
fit in your wallet and so much functions for everyday utilities
It works but not well. The Pocket Monkey is a better wallet tool. The Swiss Card by Victorinox is even better but the Wallet Ninja and Pocket Ninja are both more compact and probably won't get flagged at security checks.
One comment. I like the open wrench design on the Wallet Ninja more than the closed wrench system on the Pocket Ninja.
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